• Freight Forwarder

    As an NVOCC, we can organise your shipping arrangements and the delivery of your merchandise using a comprehensive range of services, including preparation of shipping documents, competitive freight charges, a wide choice of liners services, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, and I.T. services such as online cargo tracking and online documentation.

  • Trucking

    ACL can provide a fleet of land transport vehicles working nationally, alongside an extensive network of professional trucking companies for ease of control over your land cargo.

  • Customs Brokerage

    Our licensed in-house custom brokers certified under the Indonesian Customers Authority can assist in paperwork consolidation for goods clearance for merchandise that move across international borders, submission of electronic data interchange, tax calculation and payment duties, and facilitation of communication between Customs authorities and importers/exporters.

  • Warehousing & Distribution

    ACL cooperates with professional warehouse operators as well as owning our own warehouse facilities.

    We facilitate bonded warehouses and run our 1000 m.sq. warehouse in our Bali branch, which serves as a buyer consolidator and is utilised as storage space support.